Evidence that women are better cooks than men

Evidence that women are better cooks than men

First of all, I would like to say that cooking is for everyone. Gone are the days when cooking was for only women. Now, cooking is as gender-neutral as they come.

Even with the acceptance of men into the kitchen space, there’s still this invincible competition going on between men and women. When it comes to preparing sumptuous meals people might want to argue about the best cooks based on gender. Even children do it too. They tend to compare the meals prepared by their mom and dad.

Most people would argue that women are the best cooks since the kitchen was made for them. But, is it true? Are women the best cooks? Below are some pieces of evidence that support the claims that women are indeed better cooks.

The stereotype

Women have for long been associated with the kitchen. This reason alone set them steps ahead of men when it comes to cooking. Some studies that have tried to prove that the cooking skills of women are innate—they are born with it.

Well, looking at my mom in the kitchen growing up, I believed that. Women are expected to know how to cook sumptuous meals, and they would hardly disappoint you. Check here!

Saving meals

When it comes to being a superhero in the kitchen, women are the best. They can salvage almost any bad kitchen situation. If the spice in food turns out to be too much, trust me, women would have a trick for rescuing that food.

This is just another evidence that they are better cooks than men. They are like magicians with a bag of tricks when it comes to the kitchen.

Better professional chefs

Well, this might spring up controversies, but it is true. Most of the best chefs in the world are women. Some of these chefs include Chef Daniela Soto-Innes, Chef Lisa Allen, and so many more.

I bet you would even the difference in cooking in restaurants that their meals are being prepared by female chefs. The taste of the food is usually more together than when the meal is prepared by male chefs.

Spicing food

When it comes to spicing food, women have a thing that men can only dream of having. Women are better at spicing food. They hardly over spice or under spice their meals and it comes naturally to them.

If there is a recipe that they have to pull off, they will follow the measurement to the very last. Men on the other hand love to get creative and might end up ruining the taste of the meal.


While most of these pieces of evidence have no scientific backing, you would find some to be true. These pieces of evidence in no way mean that women are better at cooking. Cooking means different things to different people.

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