5 *NEW* Iced Coffee Recipes!

Check out these 5 *NEW* Iced Coffee Recipes!

Vanilla Bean Iced Coffee
1 cup coffee, chilled
¼ vanilla bean, seeded
simple syrup to taste

Salted Caramel Iced Coffee
1 cup coffee
1 tbsp caramel sauce
Pinch of sea salt

Nutella Coffee Breakfast Smoothie
1 cup coffee, chilled
1 tbsp nutella
1 banana
¼ cup milk

Cinnamon Almond Iced Coffee
1 cup coffee, chilled
Almond milk
Almond extract
Cinnamon simple syrup to taste (Recipe below)

Cinnamon Simple Syrup:
½ cup sugar
½ cup water
1 cinnamon stick

Blended Smores Iced Coffee
1 cup Ice
1 cup coffee, chilled
2 tbsp chocolate syrup
¼ cup marshmallow fluff
2 graham crackers
½ cup milk

Keeping Employees From Fatigue With A Simple Snack Vending Machine

It happens in every office around the world, your average 9 to 5 worker puts in a lot of time at their desk, and they become tired.

It’s human nature.

Around the 2 o’clock mark, or closer to the afternoon rush, people get to a point where they are tired, start drifting asleep a little, and have to fight themselves to keep on task.

While many manage to move forward well enough, there are some that just can’t seem to stay focused.

One way to help employees in an office get a little bit of help is through looking into a good snack vending machine hire.

You can look for a company that helps with this, and you’ll find that it can help companies and their employees in several ways.

The following are just some of the main reasons why this helps.

A Simple Snack To Boost Attention

When people are hungry, they become irritable, and they have trouble focusing on tasks.

This is not just stated by a few people, science seems to point towards this notion.

If you or someone you know is having a difficult time with keeping on task in the afternoon, they are not alone.

They may be hungry, they may be lacking energy, or their metabolism is dropping.

No matter what age an office worker may be, there’s going to be a point where things just seem difficult to manage.

Tasks can grow mundane, the same thing over and over again can cause issues, and a company could lose productivity.

That’s why a snack vending machine hire is so critical.

This can mean an employee can just go to the vending machine, get a snack, and get that energy boost to finish their day with ease.

The Alternative

There are some people that will look at the idea of hiring a vending machine company to assist and scoff.

They will think that it can cost too much money, and that it is not advantageous.

But before you jump on that notion, think about the alternative.

Let’s say an employee decides they are too tired, and need coffee.

They could try to make some, or they could take their break to get some, leaving their desk and office building.

Any number of things could happen while they are gone, and in some cases, they could be late or not return for the day.

Instead of risking that, going with a snack vending machine hire could allow them to get that energy boost to finish their work, and stay in the office where the variables aren’t going to be too frenetic.

It’s easy to sing the praises of a good snack vending machine hire, but honestly, you will need to test the options out yourself.

You can simply focus on getting a helping hand with this for your home, office, or building and see how it can help you with your employees, and more.

Having a vending machine in place is a great way to turn any space into an advantageous element overall. Just put this in place in one area, and see how it could improve morale and productivity today.

A Better Cup of Coffee Starts With Beans

Anyone can go to the store and purchase a can of coffee, and then make it at home.

These options are adequate, and are stable across many different arenas.

There’s nothing inherently wrong with this approach, but if you are going to start a coffee shop, or you have a business where your employees are drinking a lot of coffee on a regular basis, you’ll need to factor in something a bit different.

That’s where solutions like wholesale coffee beans will start to make a lot of sense. Getting wholesale options is not just about saving money, mind you, although that is part of it.

There’s a lot that goes into this, and if you find the right dealer, you could very well change the scope of the coffee that you’re drinking, and what you’re offering to coworkers, employees, and customers alike.

The Quality of A Good Cup Goes UP

Before you buy your next bag of coffee, why not consider what happens when you find a good wholesaler to work with.

If you were to look into, wholesale coffee beans, you will find that there are some companies that are working directly with farmers.

That means that your cup of coffee will not be freeze dried, or “average”, it will taste like the best coffee shops in the world, and it will cost you a lot less than the average latte.

With a global cost of coffee rising, why not invest in something that is going to taste great, and will allow you to keep a steady stream of caffeine for your overall needs?

It’s simply a positive push towards better quality with every cup.

For Coffee Shops

Thinking about starting a coffee shop?

Want to make sure that your customers enjoy every cup with a robust quality that is not compromised?

Then you’ll want to work with wholesale coffee beans that are going to provide quality with every cup.

This is something that only a number of coffee shops in the world focus on, and they deliver high quality elements to every cup of coffee that they serve.

This is not just a matter of money either, it’s a mater of quality.

When you are working directly with farmers, you could get fair trade options, and solutions that would otherwise cost an arm and a leg to get.

Coffee shops that are looking at more than the bottom line, will want to take advantage of getting a better cup through and through.

Money Saved

At the end of the day, it’s easy to sing the praises of wholesale coffee beans, because you can save money.

No matter what your purpose is for buying in bulk, you’ll find that it will always save you money.

Because you will be investing in higher quality beans, you’ll want more, and you’ll find that others will appreciate it as well.

That means that you can save money as things will last longer, and if you’re a business, you can ensure that you’re selling more cups to people because things will taste better, and that’s a positive thing to consider.