Worst Job For Your Body

admin   April 2, 2017   Comments Off on Worst Job For Your Body

Health tipsMoney is the needed things that everyone search in other to help them live in this world. Without money, you might not get to buy the foods to eat and water to drink as your important needed. Money might be not everything but recently all of your needs is needed money to buy. To have money many people are going to the jobs so that they will get the salary to make them living in this world. There are so many people that willingly doing any works as long as they are getting their paid. But did you know that there are many jobs that also make your body in danger? here they are the jobs that will make your body in the worst condition.

People who are work in the radiology room should be radiated while they are running the x-ray machine. Ther radiation that the machine made are high enough to make you in the danger if you are continuously in there. That is why many people who are work in radiology are hard to be pregnant because of its high radiation. Meanwhile, the hospitals nowadays are also making a changing shift of their people to deduct the high risk of the radiation. So it will not really dangerous anymore.

The nurse also having a hard time in other to get their body healthy. There are so many diseases that could be infected to the people easily. That is why the nurse is the dangerous jobs because the nurse is the one who will take care their patient everyday. It might have a higher chance to the nurse got infected because of the patients they are taking care. The animal doctors also had the biggest risk about having any disease. There is so many virus and bacteria come from animals that might infect the human. That is why there are not many animal’s doctors in the country because it is a dangerous job.

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