Women Obese

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Health tipsAlmost the entire woman in this universe is taking care about their weight. The definition of the beauty is being the main reason why a woman needs to keep their weight in the normal. In other, to being pretty some woman is going to do some diet and hard work out so that they will have beauty body line. Most of the women in this world are really hate to be called as fatty. There are no girls in this world that like to be called as fatty or chubby. Not only has the body, girls also do not like called chubby which is meant that their cheek is plump. If girls are calling as the fatty or chubby they will surely go on a hard diet and work out to make their body slim and not getting called as that anymore. This obsession of woman is not too good because if they are going on a hard diet every day some of those girls might get anorexia. Which is a disease that almost every model in the USA got this syndrome? Anorexia is a problem with the girls that too skinny and not having enough nutrients for their body.

Meanwhile, getting too skinny are not good, getting too fat also not good for a woman because it could cause obese. Obese are easily got by a woman because of the woman DNA. Obese in a woman could make a woman have a higher risk of diabetes. That is why many obese women who are had diabetes. Obese is the condition that shows you an unbalance power which is calories in your body. Obese means that you are consuming many calories but not burning those calories into energy.

That’s why the calories are stuck up and changed into fat. Another factor of obese also you are often consuming food which is contained high fat like junk foods and rarely eat vegetables of fruits contained fiber. You can also get obese because of you are eating too fast so that your digestion are not working well.

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