Win iPhone 7 Plus Now!

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win iphone 7Well in this modern era the technology seems developing in each year. Like this technology device called phone. It this ear this phone has become Smartphone which has many functions. It is not only for your communication via telephone and also short text messages but also you can use it for the internet and also a camera and so on. One of many brands that can be recommendation is iPhone. If you are the fans of iPhone you need to win iPhone 7 now and get the newest series from this Smartphone made by the USA.  You want to get this phone easily then you need to go to the next explanation.

The Link To Win iPhone 7

However, you need to know the specification of this phone. After Apple success in marketing the last series iPhone 6 and iPhone 6 plus then in this time they will give the new outcome called iPhone 7 and also iPhone 7 plus. The specification here will make you want to win iPhone 7 soon though. Well first of all this iPhone come with the newest system operation, it is iOS. The RAM for this phone is big enough, 2 GB so it will make you able to run several applications at the same time without any worry.

For those of you who like to capture the moment, this iPhone 7 plus is also recommended because it has back camera for 12 megapixels. It has autofocused, and also flash that will make you possible to capture the moment in minimum lighting. Win iPhone 7 soon because it has the perfect camera for a selfie too, the front camera is 7 megapixels. It also has the screen with the resolution of 1020 x 1920 megapixels. It will spoil your eyes then because you can enjoy the screen which is very clear and fair.

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