Top 5 Kodi Builds 2017 For Android

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top 5 builds for kodiIt has been years that people start to use Kodi for their entertainment solution. Now that 2017 has come, it must be great to find out about the top 5 Kodi builds 2017. Considering that many users wonder about the best builds for their Android devices, this time we are going to talk about the big five of Kodi builds which are excellent to be used on Android devices. Now, let’s check out the top five of Kodi builds for Android which is recommended in this 2017.

Top 5 Kodi Builds 2017 For Your Android Device

Let’s begin with Megamind’s Wookie. It is no secret that Wookie has been one of the best builds every year. Since there are many builds come from Wookie, this year we must take the Megamind’s one into account. This build has become one of the top 5 Kodi builds 2017 that must be valuable to be considered. To continue, there is also The Beast. For those who have utilized Kodi for a quite long time, they may recognize The Beast as one of the finest builds from time to time. That’s why it has become a consecutive candidate to be placed on the top five of Kodi builds.

Subsequently, we must realize that Fire TV build has shown its greatest power nowadays. This build has become another great choice for those who want to make use of Kodi perfectly. Following the Fire TV build, Dad Life is also an ideal selection among many other builds offering family and kid films. This is also a nice home for sports programs you may like. Later, there is Nemesis which becomes a well-known selection for 2017. This one also proposes many popular add-ons to be installed. There is no doubt that we will not gain a huge variety of contents when using these top 5 Kodi builds 2017.

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