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Natural Health Tips For Your Eyes

Health lifeSometimes we forget how essential our eye health is until eyes problem comes out. It is inevitable that there are many eyes problems which can attach us without we are being aware of it. That’s why it is important for us to maintain our eyes health before any problem comes out. One of the natural ways to maintain healthy eyes is by eating greens. By taking green veggies like collard green, kale, and spinach, we can stay away from any macular degeneration which can lead us to blurriness and other vision problems.

Another natural way to stay away from unhealthy eyes is by taking vitamins. We can get vitamins from fruits and vegetables. However, we can also add our intake on vitamins by consuming supplement. There are some vitamins that we need to maintain our healthy eyes such as vitamins B2, A, C and E. Moreover, we need to take a supplement which contains mineral like selenium and zinc as well. In addition, we are also supposed to keep our eyes hydrated. In this case, saline solution can aid you to soothe and lubricate your eyes. By maintaining your eyes hydrated, you will stay away from the risk of dry eye as well.

Moreover, it is also recommended for you to eat blueberries and apricots to maintain your healthy eyes. These two fruits are known as the best remedies to reduce eye fatigue while improving our good vision. That’s why you need to eat more blueberries and apricots to maintain your eyes health. Additionally, you should consume enough Omega 3 as well. This one is used for your eyesight and your overall eye health. Then, you need to drink tea sometimes. There is found that tea can reduce your risk of cataracts, so you can try to drink tea as an addition to mineral water.

How To Control Appetites And Diets?

Health lifeMany people want to know how to control their appetite and diet. Eating is our needs, but sadly, if we can’t control our appetite, we will gain weight in our body, and it will burden our body. Gaining weight isn’t really bad, but still, if we keep on gaining weight, we will end up too fat or obesity. Obesity will lead us to many chronic diseases like a heart attack or diabetes. Too fat isn’t good while too thin isn’t good too. So, what we need to do then? We need to find our ideal body weight and make sure our body weight isn’t really different from the ideal body. To get the ideal body, first, we need to control our appetite and diets.

How To Know Our Ideal Body Weight And How To Control Our Hunger For Foods?

Calculating body weight is easy. First, subtract your height with 100. Make sure you use Cm not foods. After subtraction, Subtract the results with ten percent of your body weight. The result is your ideal body. For example, if you are weighted seventy-five kilos, and height is one hundred and sixty-five. Then your ideal body weight will be sixty-five subtracted by seven. Or it will be fifty-eight. Is it very easy, right? But you need to know that there are many other ways to find out ideal body weight. You need to try to browse the internet for more way to calculate body weight.

After knowing how much our ideal weight, then we need to know how to control our diets in order to get our ideal body weight. To control our appetite there are some ways we can use. Have you tried fasting? Fasting is recommended ways to lose body weight. If you do fasting for the first time, it’s quite hard to do it. You need to ensure your hunger and thirst in a day. You can’t eat or drink anything during fasting, you can eat again after 12 hours or after dusk. It’s a great way to burn fats and lose some weight, but it will need some efforts to do it, especially if it is your first time fasting.

Vegetable Diets For Your Healthy Life

Health lifeVegetables are the most dependable resources for nutrition. Even though there is some nutrition that you can’t get from the vegetable. If you want to have a healthy life, you should include a vegetable in your daily diet. Many people dislike veggies because of their taste. But if we cook it right, the vegetable will be delicious. Many doctors are recommending a vegetable diet, but with a slight of meat and fish to balance it. We still need a nutrition from meat. We can eat just a vegetable, we still live since vegetables can contain every nutrition our body needs. But without meat and fish, you will lack proteins and many nutrition that you can get from animals.

Vegetables are the main sources of carbs. Potato, rice, wheat, corn, and much more. We can’t live without carbs, but consuming a lot of it isn’t good for your body. It is used for energy, and unused carbs become fat. Fat will stay in your body as an alternative source of your energy. But a lot of fat will increase your body weights that lead you to obesity. So, eating too much of carbs isn’t good for you. The recommended way is, you eat a decent amount of carbs at breakfast to start your day, many carbs for your lunch to continue your day, and less for the night since you don’t do anything besides sleep at night.

The others nutrient is protein and vitamins. Protein is mostly found in animal’s product, such as egg, milk, and meat. But there are some veggies that have a protein. Soybean and other nuts have an amount of protein so it’s a nice choice for an alternative protein source. Other nutrients are multivitamins, and vegetables have plenty of it. For example, Vitamins A is usually found in carrot, Vitamins D in grains, and mushroom, Vitamins E in Broccoli and spinach. There are also many other nutrients in veggies such as minerals.

Frappe At Its Worst

Health lifeNow you may consider some of the drinks that you can take while you are driving or doing something like iced coffee. It is true that frappe or iced coffees are great for you because they are convenient, tasty, and just refreshing. However, despite its great pleasure in your mouth, it has potential drawbacks that make you feel unhappy with your decision. The first thing that becomes an issue of this fast drink is an absolute calorie. It is always a problem because it escalates your weight after some regular consumption. There have been some points about frappe that give more than 500 calories for a single drink in its plain state. If you add toppings, and another delicacy, it definitely increases its calorie. Combined with junk foods, you know where your life is going.

The next thing that you may not realize is the presence of sugar there. Sugar is really useful for your body in moderate amount, but you will not even close to moderate measurement if you drink frappe. The reason is because frappe contains several times more sugar compared to drink you made at home. This is surely a problem because it will lead to diabetes in the long run. The matter gets worse if you are not physically active to burn stored fat from the sugar. Now you know why your waistline keeps getting bigger.

Lastly, it is all the matter of the cost that you pay for the nutrient you get. For 2 bucks or so, you definitely can enjoy great coffee. However, you are actually making yourself sick in the long run. For the price that you should pay for disease, that amount of money is not worthy at all. Moreover, frappe’s main attractive element is not the coffee itself. That means, you literally do not purchase real coffee because you do not get enough caffeine. You are just purchasing another junk food pair.

Be Friend with Sugar

Health lifeSince many times before, people knew there are some different nutritious values that can be found in different raw materials. They work together to support the body health. Besides that, it is needed to support the body function. One function that needed to support health is carbohydrate. In a simple structure, it can be found in sugar. Sugar is used to sweeten various food and drink. Basically, people need this component to help the taste better. Besides that, sugar is still needed as the source of energy. Without sugar, people can feel weak easily.

Several problems can be caused when people consume sugar in huge amounts. They become an addict and cannot be separated from this material. The indicator as people need to limit the consumption of sugar is when the sugar blood reaches a high level. This condition is known as diabetes. Unfortunately, various bad side effects can be caused because of the high level in sugar blood. When it makes the blood around brain get stuck, it is noted as stroke. While the stuck happens around the heart, people might suffer a heart attack.

Especially for adults who get the lower metabolic rate, they need to be wise in sugar consumption. Change the sugar taken with artificial sweetener is strongly needed. Why? It is because it does not break into blood vessels. But, even though the sugar has potential bad side effects, people still need this material as a mood booster. It can make people happy as for the brain only can consume this glucose as the source of meals for the brain. Do not take sugar can cause them upset and weak. Due to this case, people cannot eliminate the consumption of sugar in their daily life. Be wise and careful when they consume food is needed to make them keep healthy every day.

Nutritious Drink To Lose Weight

Health lifeBeing healthy and slim seems to be everyone’s willingness. The consideration once they become fat, they will be easy to be suffered from various diseases, push them to be more concerned about having a good lifestyle. Diabetes, stroke, heart attack, cancer, and many others are the impact when they let their bodies bigger and bigger. Meanwhile, by having ideal bodies, they will meet no difficulties in dressing.

Having good bodies are relative with the efforts in maintaining the amount of consumption of foods. It is very normal for them to put a suitable portion in every time they eat. It is strongly recommended to reduce carbohydrate and fat since it plays role as a source of energy. On the opposite, taking much protein, vitamin, and minerals are strongly advised to let the body system balanced.

Besides taking healthy diet menu, it is also advised to drink nutritious healthy drink everyday. It is made from fresh parsley leaves with extract lemon. A hand full of fresh parsley can be blended until getting the stable consistency and uniformity in colors. After that, people can add the extract lemon and add some water to make it liquid. This recipe can be consumed every single morning before they take another meal.

Parsley naturally consists of various vitamin and minerals that useful to support good life. Meanwhile, lemon is known can remove toxic and unwanted materials out of bodies. Thus, this drink is essential to drink in the morning to maximize the intoxications process. By taking this drink, the successful goal in getting proportional bodies can be obtained easily.

However, the guarantee in losing weight should be completed with keeping the healthy menu daily. Besides that, people should take regular exercises to fasten the period in burning fat so that they can lose some weight for an instance.

Reduce Stress for Healthy Life

Health lifeIt is good though to have that healthy body. You will never know if the health of yours is very crucial for you. Sometimes, you must have been passed it, you think that you have that healthy body. to make sure this, you can do it by having an appointment with the doctor. Well here is several things you need to do if you want to live healthy while you are very busy with the works of yours. However, the health of yours should be maintained well so that you can be easy in living the life you have without any meaningful obstacles.

Well, the health is not only about your physical health all the time. You need to keep the health of your mental. It can be done by several things like reducing the stress you have. Your stress might be the killer of your health so you need to maintain it well. You can do this by avoiding yourself from the problem. If you won’t get the problem then don’t you ever try to make the problem. 80% problem of yours can be the cause of stress. If you have your problem then it is better for you to share the problem with the people around you.

The next thing that you can do is by having a social life with the people in your environment. You need to have a communication and build a good relationship with everyone. Believe it or not that having a relationship which is good with such person will make your life even better. Here you need to build a healthy relationship that will lead you to positive things, though. Well, those are the simple things you need to know if you want to always stay healthy both physically and mentally. It is easy to do right?? So what are you waiting for?

How To Keep The Health Of Your Eyes

Health lifeThere are many parts of your body that need your attention. One of them is an eye. Your eye should be something important to be kept. You know that your eye will function to see everything around you. You will never enjoy the world right if you cannot see? So it is your task than to make it stay healthy. You must be grateful and you can show your gratefulness by keeping your eye healthy from now until the end of the day.  What are the things that you can do to make your eye stay healthy? Well, there are many ways that you can do, but you can start from the simplest one.

The first one is that you need to keep distance between your eye the screen such as television, computer, and also gadget, and much more. An ideal distance that you can apply to the screen is for about 50 until 100 cm. It is also will be the same while you are reading a book. The distance must be 30 cm from the eye to the book. The second, you are not allowed to read while you are lying down, such as reading a book or playing your gadget. It can harm the health of your eye, though, and you are possible to have myopia.

The last you need to avoid the bad habit to your eyes like rubbing your eyes. Whenever your eyes are itchy then you will not be allowed to rub your eyes because your hand can be so risky of bacteria after you hold several things and it can make infection to the eye and will give the bad impact in the end. Well, those are the simple ways you can do from now on to keep your eyes healthy. The most important thing is that you need to avoid it from several harmful things.

To Balance Your Health Life

Health lifeBalance your health is the popular topic of the day. By balancing your life, it is as if you will always try to improve your health condition to be always healthy. If you are healthy, of course, you also can manage your stress because stress comes from your activity that a lot of pressure and under your control. If you get stress, it will ruin your life and daily routine. For instance, if you get stress, you cannot finish your work because you will always try to find the way to release the stress.

Balancing your life means that you control yourself to become always healthy. There are many things to maintain your balance. That will also give back your life, which is right for your life. One of many ways to balance your life is you can do meditation. By meditating, it helps you to relieve your stress so your mind now is fine. You will not think hard about the things that make you get stress and by meditating, it will balance your mind and body to work together.

Then, you can do some exercise that will help you to lose unnecessary energy because of your food consumption. You can do exercise to make you weight is ideal. It will make you healthy, too because by exercising your body will always fit and you will work stronger because you have full of energy. By exercising, you are trying to make your body and mind are balanced. You will always think fresh and do not think hard about something that becomes your problem. If there is a problem, the problem is easy to be solved because you can find the right way to solve it because you have a clear mind. If you have positive emotion and fresher body, it can make balance to have a healthy life.

Treatment For A migraine

Health lifeHave you heard about a migraine? Or do you have experienced it? As having been known that in a migraine becomes one of the conditions which many people usually get. In this case, the sufferers will get a headache in a half part of the head. It can be left or right head which can get a migraine. A migraine itself is caused by various factors. For instance is stress in which those who are stress can get this condition. The otherwise healthy body of someone influence migraine as well. Even migraine can be the symptoms of the certain disease.

Then, to avoid any bad effects caused by a migraine, thus treatment must be done. By doing it, indeed the sufferers can get a better condition. If talking about it, there are two categories in treating migraine. Those are pain-relieving medications and preventive medications. Indeed there are some differences between them. To know more about it, read the following information.

  1. Pain-relieving medications

To begin with, there is pain-relieving medication which is also known as an abortive or acute treatment. As the name the medication aims to reduce the pain caused by a migraine. In another word, it is done to stop the symptoms of half a headache.

  1. Preventive medications

For the second treatment is called as preventive medication. Of course, the aim of this treatment is to prevent a migraine. Here the drugs to prevent a migraine will be taken regularly, usually, it is on a daily basis. This type of medications usually done by those who often have a migraine. Thus, with the drugs consumed it can reduce the severity of migraines.

If you want to choose which medication that will be suitable, it is easy. You just take a look at the frequency of migraines. When it frequently occurs, thus the preventive medication is the best choice here.

Breast Implant

Health lifeWoman nowadays are being obsessed by having a good body with the sexy breast. Most of them want to have big breast so that man will be loved them. For those people whose had small breath, a breast implant is the fastest way in other to get their dreamed breast. A breast implant is famous for that woman whose need to adding more sizes into their breast.

A woman who’s not satisfied with their small breast is mostly doing breast implant to get their confidence back. Even though the price is high. All those women are still attracted to do that operation. In the United States, a Breast implant is a cost around 3000 US dollar for the silicone breast implant. A breast implant is divided into two types which are saline implant and silicone implant. The famous one is silicone because the results of these implants are likely the real breast.

Woman’s breast is still growing until they are in the 20s. some of the doctors are suggested to the patient that at least they are in 18 years old if they want to get breast implant. If the women’s want to get silicone breast implant, they need to wait until they are aging and reach twenty-two years old. It’s because of the silicone breast implant more dangerous that the saline breast implant. In other to get the operation, you need to follow some terms and condition for a breast implant. You have to be in the good physic. And having a realistic expectation. Your breast is done growing up and you are hampered by having small breast. Your breast is not in the good condition after pregnancy. The point is that you are not satisfied enough with the size of your breast so that you want to get more size by doing breast implant. After following the terms and conditions from the doctors you could get the implant and see the results.

Importance Of Water For Our Body

Health lifeWater is a substance that all creatures need. Not only human, all creatures like animals and plants also need this substance to stay alive and survive in the world. There are a good thing and bad thing here. The good thing is that water can be found easily in our life, but the bad thing is that sometimes humans don’t know about the importance of it, so they just drink whenever they want. Here, you will find something that maybe useful for you to learn about as this article will talk about the importance of water in our daily life plus some stuff things to it.

Before we talk further about water, we need to know about the significant effect of water in our body. Out body consists at least 90% of water, so you know if you lose even 1% of water in your body, you will get big problems because of it. The lack of water intake that people usually do is causing a lot of damage to our body, for example, you will get tired easily, dehydrated, lose focus, feeling thirsty, and in some cases, if it is not cured quickly will cause passed out or even worse will cause a death. Now, how much you need to drink water in a day? It is most likely that you know it as around 8 glasses a day. It is not completely true as a different person needs a different amount of water intake. Sportsmen need more water intake than people who live in steady condition as they sweat more than normal people. The last thing you need to know is the parameter of when you need more water and when you have enough? You can see your urine from here. Urine is the most obvious fact that shows you if you need more water or not. If your urine is clear, then you are okay, but if it is dark and yellowish, you need to have more water to make you stay hydrated.

Foods To Avoid Diarrhea

Health lifeAs the rainy season, there are so many diseases that could get caught inside your body. The most diseases in the rainy season are fever, cough, and diarrhea. Diarrhea is such a disease which cause a fuse to people whose had it. Diarrhea also makes you being limp and also make you lack of mineral inside your bodies. People whose got diarrhea should go back to the restroom often because of their bad stomachache. It’s also dangerous if you got diarrhea for a long time, because it could make you lack of mineral which is not good for your body. As we all know, the mineral is such an important things inside the human body. Instead of treat diarrhea, it is better to avoid this disease.

There are some foods which are known as the diarrhea avoider. Banana is a fruit contains zinc, vitamins C, calcium, and the other healthy nutrients. As a fruit which is easier to digested and nutrients human’s body well. Banana is believed as the healthy food which is could avoid diarrhea. Not only avoid the disease, banana also good to cure diarrhea. Nutrients inside green veggies also good to avoid and cure diarrhea. The vitamin and mineral inside green veggies are good to strengthen human’s digestion and work better. If you got diarrhea, make sure you are eating more green veggies. It’s also important to consume this veggie in other to avoid diarrhea. Sweet potatoes also are known as the natural cure for diarrhea, it contains calcium, vitamins A, B, C, and B6 which is very great to help your digestion work better. It also makes human’s body immune risen. Sweet potatoes could be the cure if you’ve got diarrhea, or you could consume it routinely for one week in other to avoid diarrhea. Those foods above are famous as the foods that could heal you from diarrhea and could be your defense to protect against from diarrhea.