Where Do The Recent Earthquakes Occur?

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recent earthquakesOnce in awhile, we hear and watch about large, medium and small recent earthquakes. We recognize the quakes after it has happened since we cannot even predict them. In fact, numerous people inhabit countries prone to this natural disaster. To cite an example, people who inhabit countries that are located in the “Ring of Fire” are more likely to experience an earthquake than they who live far away from the Ring of Fire. However, it is not impossible for every country to get earthquakes since this natural disaster can happen because of some distinctive reasons.

Where Do The Recent Earthquakes Usually Occur?

Then, where do the earthquakes usually occur? When you are asking about such question, the most obvious answer will be along the edge of the continental and oceanic plates. Then, countries that are passed by the Ring of Fire are also considered as a country that prone to earthquake. Most recent earthquakes news broadcasted from the area along the Ring of Fire. It happens because the plates crush each other, cross each other or pull themselves from one to another. At this point, it is actually a natural phenomenon that occurs in the earth. However, it is important to have a deeper understanding of this issue.

Instead of occurring only from the plates’ edges, an earthquake can also occur along the faults. In this case, faults refer to crack that occurs in the earth. It happens when sections of a plate or two different plates are moving toward distinct directions. In this case, there are some types of faults that you have to learn. The first one is normal faults, the second it reverses faults and the third is strike-slip faults. The three of them are different to each other, but you can already expect it by observing its title. That’s all a little about where do the recent earthquakes usually occur.

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