Promising Jobs In New Media Career

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new media careerMany careers that are involved in television, journalism, and radio have become new media career. There are numerous of roles you can explore in the media sector. Jobs seeker and fresh graduates can take this field as an option. Before you make a decision to jump into the media industry, you need to discover what it is all about.

Take Your Step Into New Media Career

Working in the media sector is not always about being a celebrity or movie star. Don’t worry though, it is perfectly okay if you choose that path. But in this article, I want to share with you what jobs you can apply in a new media career. Let’s check this out!

  • Illustration and animation

This is perfect for those who has a high creativity and exceptional drawing skill. The originality to create something new is highly needed.

  • Journalist

You will need to be tough and thick-skinned if you want to jump into a journalism career. To keep your mind open, opinionated, and have self-discipline are also required too. They won’t hire someone who is not well organized. Your career experience is an essential thing to count.

  • Administration division

Using your organizational skill can help you to dive into the administration side of the television.

  • Script writer

For a television and radio show to get published, there must be a script writer plays a part behind the screen. If you are passionate in writing scenarios, this must be on a top of your dream job list.

Every job in new media career basically requires an abundance of creativity and high self-discipline. They also hire someone who can build a good partnership in a teamwork and relationship with different people. Yes, when we discuss the media, it is not only referred to everything that aimed at the public. Now, it’s a perfect time to get started, put your foot on the ladder!

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