Preventing Leukemia In Children

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Health careLeukemia is one of cancer that many people know today. There are thousands of people around the world diagnosed this disease. It means that this cancer should be known well then. Talking about leukemia itself it is actually a condition in which there is an abnormal production of white blood cells in the body. The result is a number of red blood cells are less and a number of white blood cells are too much. Indeed, it leads many serious health problems even death.

Since this blood cancer is dangerous not only for adults but also for children, hence there must be prevention done in order that children will not get this disease. Each year there are many children around the world suffer this blood cancer. Then to minimize the number of leukemia children patients, there are some important things which people have to understand.

  1. Avoid benzene exposure

In the second prevention, it can be done by avoiding benzene exposure. In this case, benzene is the chemical base of pesticides, lubricants, and gasoline. Since it causes a high risk of this blood cancer hence you should keep children in order not to be exposed benzene.

  1. Do not smoke in front of children

As we know that smoking is one of the risk factors of leukemia. Thus, if you want to prevent this disease in children it is a good idea when you do not smoke in front of them.

  1. Discuss the treatment plan

After that discussing the treatment plan for your children will be the next thing you can do in preventing leukemia in children. Here you just see doctors and discuss the treatment with the doctor.

  1. Avoid alcohol during pregnancy

Mothers who like drinking alcohol during pregnancy will increase the risk of blood cancer developing in their child. Thus, it is a good idea if they have to avoid alcohol during the pregnancy then.

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