Pidgeotto Haircut: What Is It?

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pidgeotto haircutThis is your first time to hear about Pidgeotto haircut? Then, you may start wonder what kind of haircut which comes in such a unique name like Pidgeotto. Well, if you are fans of pocket monster animation or game, you may be familiar with the name Pidgeotto. However, if you do not know about it, you are still able to know about this haircut by reading this following information. The information includes every basic thing you should know about the haircut. Now, let’s reveal the information below.

What Is Pidgeotto Haircut And Hairstyle?

To start, it is necessary to know the origin of Pidgeotto name used in the haircut. Pidgeotto itself is actually a name of a character appearing in the Pokemon animation and game. It is surely one of the popular characters which many Pokemon fans may know about it. Since the haircut looks like the crest of the character then it is called as Pidgeotto haircut. In this case, the haircut looks alike with the Pidgeotto’s crest. The Pidgeotto itself is a kind of hawk which has a yellow color. Then, the hair of this character is colored in red. Then, how can we get this haircut?

If you are wondering about the way to get this haircut, you can simply cut your hair looks like the crest of Pidgeotto character. The main point of this haircut is actually the slick back of the top hair. In order to achieve the perfect slick back on your style, it is necessary to cut the top front hair longer than the back one. Then, for the both sides, you can apply fade haircut or even complete bald haircut. The point is surely the front hair which is slicked back. Other than this main point, you can mix and match it as you please. That’s a little about Pidgeotto haircut.

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