The Onion Is Beneficial For Health

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Health tipsThe onion contains so many substances which are beneficial for your body. It becomes the source of the nutrition which is important for your body system. Onion is a kind of the cooking spices that will make you cook is so delicious. It becomes the best kind of natural substance which can become the natural medicine to prevent some health problem and to keep you to get the body fit. The onion becomes the best source to get the sulfur substance, it contains an enough amount of sulfur. It is not the sulfur substance that contains in the onion, but the onion is also rich in the vitamin C, vitamin B6, Biotin, chromium, calcium, and also fiber.

If you consume the onion routinely, you will reach the benefit of an onion which is properly will make you healthier. You should know more beneficial of the onion. The first is an onion will useful for increasing the heart health. It is beneficial to reduce cholesterol and triglyceride. The sulfur substance which is in the onion can prevent the aggression from a blood cell. The quercetin in the onion can maintain the artery. The second is an onion will give the beneficial to maintain the respiration system. Consuming the onion routinely will reduce asthma and bronchitis, it also can prevent from a cough, and influenza.

The onion can prevent from the Tuberculosis TBC. The onion contains the antiseptic and antimicrobial which can remove the Mycobacterium which becomes the cause of the TBC. The onion is also beneficial to control the blood tension. The onion consists of low calorie and low of Natrium, and it does not contain fat. It will make the blood cell more elastic, then will reduce the blood tension. The onion can also control the blood from the anemia.

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