How To Make Your Hair Straight By A Comb Over

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How to make your hair straightThere are some cool and natural ways to get your hair straightened. It is important because some girls and even boys really want to have straight hair instead of wavy or curly. The solution provided here should give an insight for those who want to have straight hair. Please note that this method on how to make your hair straight is not for a permanent solution, though you can get a slight change when you use the method consistently. In order to make the best straight hair, you should prepare simple things that you can get. Bobby pins are things you need for you to begin the ritual, and it will just work awesomely.

How To Make Your Hair Straight With Comb Over

The procedure is called hair straightening with a comb over. It is called comb over because you need to comb your hair over its original line. The procedure is like this. First of all, you need to make your hair wet. It is better if you do it after taking a bath. After that, you should comb it straight down in two sections: right and left. After that, you need to comb it to their opposite direction and secure your hair using bobby pins. This works because your hair will be straightened by stretching them to its maximum level. It allows the hair to gain consciousness that it is the way it should be growing. That is how to make your hair straight with a comb over.

There is a pro tip that you can implement for achieving so much better result with the method. It is by wrapping your hair in a silk fabric so that it retains its position. It also keeps it from wrinkling or frizzing. That is how to make your hair straight, and you need to use this method often until you get the desired result.

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