Live With One Lung

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one lungYou must have ever heard that someone asks you about the possibility to live with one lung. Well, it can be common for people to wonder about this one especially when they are facing a very hard decision about removing a lung. In fact, it is highly possible for people to live with only a lung. It can be seen from those who suffer from lung disease and lung cancer. They can still survive even when one of their lungs is removed due to the disease or cancer.

How Can People Live With One Lung

Now the question is how can people live with a lung only? Considering that lung is an important organ in which we use for our repository process, it may be hard to think whether someone only lives with a lung. However, a scientist from Lowa State University found that it is surely possible for people to survive with one lung only. Nevertheless, we cannot deny that the people may face some problems and challenges as they live with such condition. It is because the lung’s ability is reduced since it has a lower capacity for the oxygen as it only one when the normal condition is required two lungs.

When it is potential for us to live with ones lung only, there are also some organs in which we can live without. Even though we are supposed to maintain the health of all organs we have, you may wonder whether other organs can also be removed without us dying because of that condition. The kidney is another organ which we can live without. As a human, we have two kidneys and we are able to live just with one kidney only. Then, it is also claimed that human can also live without a spleen. Finally, you have known the answer about how people can live with one lung.

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