Korean Celebrities Before And After Plastic Surgery

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celebrity plastic surgeryCelebrities before and after plastic surgery are being the most searched keyword on the internet recently. All of the people all over the world are really curious in the results of the plastic surgery. Because in some countries there is such a taboo to choose plastic surgery as their topic to talk with friends in the public. In some countries, plastic surgery is strictly jobbed to do. That’s why May people are not sure enough about how plastic surgery works actually.

Korean Celebrities Before And After Plastic Surgery Job

Celebrities Before and after plastic surgery in Korea are much and well known. The most famous celebrity whose got the surgery done and publicly say it loud in the public is Hwang Kwang Hee an idol from boy group ZE: A which is the boy band from Star empire entertainment. Kwang Hee makes a confess about the surgery in his face. He is not shy and bravely said it loud in front of a journalist. He is honestly said the reason of doing some surgery because he said that he is shy about his appearance that different with the others members who have had great visual without doing any surgeries. That’s why Kwang Hee doing some surgery to make his face better and more handsome than before. Not only Kwang Hee, there is a beauty vlogger from Korean YouTube that shows the videos about her plastic surgery. In those videos, she also said the reason why she needs the surgery done. The girls named Sunny Dahye a Korean citizen who’s life in Indonesia for a long time and doing beauty vlogger as her job.

Korean celebrities before and after plastic surgery are really different. Some of them might not recognize the idol if they are showing their old photos. But some of them who’s done surgery also doing a little job in their face so it is not much different from before.

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