Home Remedies To Combat Diabetes

admin   March 2, 2017   Comments Off on Home Remedies To Combat Diabetes

Health careAre you suffering from diabetes? Then, it must be perfect to know some home remedies that can treat and combat diabetes. As we know, diabetes is known for its relation to unhealthy lifestyle. When someone fails to make the best of their healthy lifestyle, the chance of suffering diabetes will be even higher. In case you want to fight this disease of prevent to suffer from this disease, here are some home remedies that you can utilize.

The first home remedy that is able to treat diabetes is holy basil leaves. These leaves are surely packed with essential oils and antioxidants which collectively help pancreatic beta cells to function in a proper way. It is also a great herb to improve the sensitivity of insulin. To treat or combat diabetes, you should consume two or three holy basil leaves or approximately a tablespoon of juice of holy basil leaves before eating anything in the morning. The second home remedy that can help to treat diabetes is flax seeds. Thanks to its high fiber, flax seeds can support digestion while absorbing sugars and fats properly. Consuming this seed is perfect for reducing diabetic sugar level up to 28 percent. You should consume a tablespoon of flax seed powder with a glass of warm water each morning when you have not eaten anything. However, you should make sure to not eat the flax seed more than two tablespoons.

At last, green tea is also suggested to be an effective remedy to combat diabetes. Rich in polyphenol, green tea provides strong hypoglycemic and an antioxidant compound which is able to aid control blood sugar release. You should steep green tea in hot water and wait for two to three minutes until it is ready to drink. Drink this delicious and healthy tea every morning or before you get your breakfast.

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