Healthy Diet For Reduce Menstrual Pain

admin   May 9, 2017   Comments Off on Healthy Diet For Reduce Menstrual Pain

Health careMaintaining healthy diet has been known as one of the best ways to avoid menstrual pain. A study has discovered that there is noteworthy different between menstrual pain occurs on a woman who keeps a healthy diet and those who does not practice a healthy diet. So, what kind of healthy diet which we can follow in order to prevent having menstrual pain in our period? Let’s check this following information to find the answers.

Basically, the best diet for those who want to avoid getting menstrual soreness is a diet which is high in fiber and plant while low in processed food. You can consider some foods like papaya which has lots of vitamins. You can give a try to eat brown rice instead of common rice as well. It is because brown rice offers more vitamin B6 that can help you to decrease bloating. Almond, pumpkin seed and walnut are other foods to choose for its richness in manganese. Besides, it is also suggested for a woman to take broccoli as a healthy menu when practicing diet to decrease menstrual pain. In addition to this healthy broccoli, there are also fish, chicken as well as a leafy green vegetable that provide high iron. These foods are essential to fulfilling your iron need that is commonly lost throughout your period. Then, you can also take flaxseed which is rich in antioxidant and omega 3.

Furthermore, you are also supposed to consume foods which contain high boron. Some foods that you can consider include peanut butter, avocado, chickpea, banana, and prune. You can also consume boron supplement if you think that your intake in boron is not enough. The last but not least, you should drink more water as well. In this case, you can take water-based groceries like cucumber and lettuce into account as well.

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