Garden Ideas Weird Makes Perfect!

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garden ideasHouse is the place you stay. It has a function to give you protection from the heat of the sun and also the cold while it is in storm or rain. However, there are many choices you can do with the house you build like whether you want to give it garden or not. Garden actually can give you benefits. It can be the place to relax and then it can give you chance to developer your hobby, and etc. Here are some garden ideas for you if you want to make a garden around your house. It would be many but here is the recommended one for you.

Garden Ideas to Do!

Actually to make your garden is not that hard. You can use the stuff around you so you can make it easy and practice you also do not need to spend much money. The DIY garden will be one of many great for some garden ideas. This is very simple to do. You can use the bottle which no longer you use. You can grow the hanging plants in the bottle. It is good rather than throw away the bottle you have such as whiskey or beer bottle. You can make it as a charming pot for hanging plants.

There is another idea that maybe makes you shock a bit. It is to use your unused shoes. You can grow some flower or plants there. It will be so nice because you can make it easy. The broken shoes can be the media for the plantation to grow. Well, this is one of many garden ideas that might be a little weird, but hey look at the result. You will see your broken silver stilettos will be something that makes the plant you have looks really chick. You need to try, though, now without any furthermore thinking.

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