Funny Game Totally Accurate Battle Simulator

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totally accurate battle simulatorThe totally accurate battle simulator is an action, casual, strategy and battling simulation game. Nowadays simulation games have become quite popular. The more similar the simulation to real life, the more fun that simulator can be. This game is a battle simulator, that means it simulates a battle situation. You can arrange a full massive war between knight and peasants, or a single duel between archers. You can also arrange a ridiculous battle with one peasant versus one hundred knights. The amusing part of this game is you can arrange the ridiculous battle as much as you want. It’s really funny watching a ridiculous battle. You can watch the gameplay on the internet. This game becomes quite popular, so there are many people posting a gameplay video of this game on the internet.

The Graphics And The Gameplay Totally Accurate Battle Simulator

Just like the name said. Totally Accurate Battle Simulator or T.A.B.S is a battle simulator games. It simulates a real battle. The simulation is really similar to a real action battle so this game is really living it name. The graphic is crystal clear and with medium specifications, this game can run smoothly without any problems. It’s quite a new game so the open alpha of this game is available on the developer site. Or you can just download this game from the provided link bellows. The graphic is clear and good enough for a simulator. And the gameplay is ridiculously good. If you are fans of battling and strategy game, you must try this game.

Little reviews about the gameplay. You can arrange the battle as much as you want. You can have the crazy one man army, or an unstoppable one thousand army of knights. After arranging the amount of army, select the battlegrounds, and enjoy the crazy battle. But that’s enough leak of gameplay. To see more, download Totally Accurate Battle Simulator game. This is free games, so you don’t need to spend money on this crazy game.

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