Frappe At Its Worst

admin   April 13, 2017   Comments Off on Frappe At Its Worst

Health lifeNow you may consider some of the drinks that you can take while you are driving or doing something like iced coffee. It is true that frappe or iced coffees are great for you because they are convenient, tasty, and just refreshing. However, despite its great pleasure in your mouth, it has potential drawbacks that make you feel unhappy with your decision. The first thing that becomes an issue of this fast drink is an absolute calorie. It is always a problem because it escalates your weight after some regular consumption. There have been some points about frappe that give more than 500 calories for a single drink in its plain state. If you add toppings, and another delicacy, it definitely increases its calorie. Combined with junk foods, you know where your life is going.

The next thing that you may not realize is the presence of sugar there. Sugar is really useful for your body in moderate amount, but you will not even close to moderate measurement if you drink frappe. The reason is because frappe contains several times more sugar compared to drink you made at home. This is surely a problem because it will lead to diabetes in the long run. The matter gets worse if you are not physically active to burn stored fat from the sugar. Now you know why your waistline keeps getting bigger.

Lastly, it is all the matter of the cost that you pay for the nutrient you get. For 2 bucks or so, you definitely can enjoy great coffee. However, you are actually making yourself sick in the long run. For the price that you should pay for disease, that amount of money is not worthy at all. Moreover, frappe’s main attractive element is not the coffee itself. That means, you literally do not purchase real coffee because you do not get enough caffeine. You are just purchasing another junk food pair.

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