The Feature Of Android Nougat.

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android nougatHave your smartphone ever upgrade the system become the Android Nougat? The smartphone may become the primary needs of people in this world nowadays. There are many kinds of smartphone nowadays, but not all kinds of the smartphone have the Nougat system Android as the operational system. But, what is the update feature of the Nougat? Don’t go anywhere, so you will get the information about that.

Android Nougat’s Feature

There is some new feature that you will feel when you use the Nougat as the operating system of your Android smartphone. You will get the operating system that provides your own language as the operating system language. This Nougat also supports with more emoticons that can make your chat become more real than before, there are more than 1,500 emoticons include the 72 new emoticons. With installing the Android Nougat, you can use two or more languages at the same time because of the Nougat complete with multi-local language setting. After that, you also can operate your smartphone more effectively because you can operate two application in one same time. With this operating system, you may don’t need to change open and close one application to others application that you need both of them.

For example, you can watch the video with write the message without you should open the messaging applications and close the video player on your Android. You also can read the recipes of the meals that you want to cook without close the timer applications on your smartphone because this Nougat following with the multi-applications performances and you can change from some application with other applications faster than the old version of Android as the operating system. This feature can help you to save more time and energy to operate the applications that you need to finish your job or your task. That’s all about the feature of Android Nougat, especially about the language setting and the multi-application feature. Thank you for reading this article.

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