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Download Video YoutubeSocial media is a must lifestyle that needs to be updated every time you had a good time or even the bad time. Nowadays, people are focusing on taking care of their social media, manage their social media so that the followers or their friends are still much and many of them still keep following their social media. From writing sour daily activities now you can record your daily activities and share it on YouTube. Those actions are named as  VLOG or video blogging. You are sharing your daily activities in a media which are video not by write again for the sake of old time. You can see those vlog offline by download video YouTube.

Download Video YouTube Video Blog

Many YouTubers in Indonesia trying this action to show their daily life of being the youtube. All of those activities will be recorded and uploaded to their YouTube’s account. Not only the youtube, all the actress or actors also try to make vlog in their daily life. If an actress or actors, they will show you some activities of them which are shooting a film, advertisement videos, or even show their fashion. This phenomenon of the vlog is being followed by many people which had YouTube account. To see those video without streaming you can download video YouTube separately and watched it offline after the download process done.

Not only the actors, YouTubers, musician or another artist. Nowadays politicians are also joined vlog to show their activities in other to campaign their program. One of the politician in Indonesia which is the president of Indonesia is also joined to use Vlog as his media to show his activities of being president. He shows his activities that visited many cities in each island of Indonesia. Jokowi which is the president of Indonesia are showing his activities when visited many cities and meet Indonesia citizen. You can see jokowi’s vlog by download video YouTube.

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