Correctional Services Learnership in South African

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Correctional Services LearnershipAmong many other learnership programs, correctional services learnership is quite popular in South African. Offered by Department of Correctional Services, this program becomes a great chance for those who want to participate in learning new skill they need to survive in today’s job competition. Provided for any South African citizen, this program is surely suitable for everyone particularly those who are fighting for a new job that can bring them into good living. Now, let’s learn more about this program as follow.

South African Correctional Services Learnership in 2017

Before you joining this program, it must be good to know further about this program. As an internship program, it is provided in two training: practical and theoretical. It means that you are not going to learn the basic theory, but also do practice to understand more about this one. Moreover, for internship offered by Correctional Service, you may get correctional services learnership program in which you are supposed to learn the ways to contribute to prisoners’ rehabilitation. At this point, you are going to know further about safe and secure detention, human development and others. It is also possible for the trainee to get paid for R3 500-00 in a month.

Furthermore, it is also important for you to know the requirements that you must fulfill in order to join this learnership program. First of all, you must be a citizen of South Africa to join this program. Second, you have to have national certificate for professional studies; or, have certificate of grade twelfth or standard ten; or, have a certificate of training and further education. Alongside with this requirement, you must be 21 years old until 35 years old if you want to take the program. At last, if you want to check for more learnership, you can visit

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