How To Control Appetites And Diets?

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Health lifeMany people want to know how to control their appetite and diet. Eating is our needs, but sadly, if we can’t control our appetite, we will gain weight in our body, and it will burden our body. Gaining weight isn’t really bad, but still, if we keep on gaining weight, we will end up too fat or obesity. Obesity will lead us to many chronic diseases like a heart attack or diabetes. Too fat isn’t good while too thin isn’t good too. So, what we need to do then? We need to find our ideal body weight and make sure our body weight isn’t really different from the ideal body. To get the ideal body, first, we need to control our appetite and diets.

How To Know Our Ideal Body Weight And How To Control Our Hunger For Foods?

Calculating body weight is easy. First, subtract your height with 100. Make sure you use Cm not foods. After subtraction, Subtract the results with ten percent of your body weight. The result is your ideal body. For example, if you are weighted seventy-five kilos, and height is one hundred and sixty-five. Then your ideal body weight will be sixty-five subtracted by seven. Or it will be fifty-eight. Is it very easy, right? But you need to know that there are many other ways to find out ideal body weight. You need to try to browse the internet for more way to calculate body weight.

After knowing how much our ideal weight, then we need to know how to control our diets in order to get our ideal body weight. To control our appetite there are some ways we can use. Have you tried fasting? Fasting is recommended ways to lose body weight. If you do fasting for the first time, it’s quite hard to do it. You need to ensure your hunger and thirst in a day. You can’t eat or drink anything during fasting, you can eat again after 12 hours or after dusk. It’s a great way to burn fats and lose some weight, but it will need some efforts to do it, especially if it is your first time fasting.

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