Complete Ways To Prevent Stroke

admin   February 28, 2017   Comments Off on Complete Ways To Prevent Stroke

Health careThere is no guarantee that you will not get a stroke. In fact, stroke can strike everyone regardless their family history and age. Even though those two points seem to be the number one cause of stroke, there are some other risk factors that can make you get a stroke. Fortunately, many other risk factors for stroke are able to control. That’s why there are available some ways to prevent stroke. Check the complete ways to prevent this disease as follow.

The first way is by lowering your blood pressure. You must have known that high blood pressure has become number one factor that makes many people suffered a stroke. In order to maintain your blood pressure in low or normal, you should reduce salt intake, avoid foods with high cholesterol, quit smoking if you are practicing this unhealthy habit and get exercise daily. In the case of exercising, you should take minimally 30 minutes to exercise per day. The second way is by losing your weight. Another factor that can lead you to stroke is obesity. If you are considered having an overweight body, it is better for you to lose your weight as soon as possible. For your information, losing at least 10 pounds may give you a great impact. To achieve your ideal weight, you should increase your amount of exercise and physical activity and try to consume no more than 1,500 until 2,000 calories per day.

The last but not least, you should drink in moderation. If you have ever heard that drink more can reduce your risk of stroke, what you hear is certainly true. Some studies have shown that drinking one drink a day can lower your risk of stroke. However, if you drink two drinks a day, your risk of stroke will increase. At this point, you can drink but watch your portion.

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