How Can We Prevent Cervical Cancer?

admin   May 14, 2017   Comments Off on How Can We Prevent Cervical Cancer?

Health careCervical cancer is a serious health problem with death as the most dangerous consequence. There has been so many people death because of this cancer. Regarding this fact, it is extremely important to learn about the way to prevent this cancer. When screening is known as the way to decrease someone’s risk on cervical cancer, there are actually some other ways that we can do in order to stay away from cervical cancer. In this case, enhancing our overall health and decreasing the exposure of sexually transmitted human papilloma virus are the other prevention strategies.

To learn more about the strategies to prevent cervical cancer, we can begin with screening. As mentioned before, screening is one of the best ways to avoid this cancer. In this case, you are supposed to do routine Pap smear in order to reduce the risk of this cancer. It is effective to avoid the cancerous cell to be more problematic since the cancer detection is in the early stage. You can ask your physician about how often cervical cancer screening should be done. Moreover, it is also possible for you to prevent cervical cancer by vaccination. Being vaccinated with HPV vaccine is important to protect you against HPV and the risk of cervical cancer.

Another strategy that you can do in order to avoid cervical cancer is by decreasing the risk of sexual factor. In this case, it is linked to the HPV risk. It means that you need to make use of condoms both on anal and vaginal sex, to make use of barrier for oral sex and to not have multiple sexual partners. Moreover, it is also important for you to practice a healthy lifestyle in order to stay away from cervical cancer. You should include diet which is able to enhance your immune system. That’s all!

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