Blueberries For Lowering Blood Pressure

admin   April 21, 2017   Comments Off on Blueberries For Lowering Blood Pressure

Health careHypertension or high blood pressure is the common healthy problems that many people face. This condition can be caused by various factors such as family, food, and habits. Those who have hypertension also will have a higher risk of other diseases like heart diseases, even it causes the death as well. Therefore, you need to make your blood pressure in the normal level. One of the ways is knowing well what you eat. Indeed, it is important since the foods you eat are able to influence your blood pressure. In this case, it is a good idea to choose the right food actually.

Then, from various foods that people can choose, blueberry is the best fruit for your blood pressure. That is why consuming blueberries is very recommended. In fact, this fruit can help you to lower blood pressure. Even with a cup of it a day, blood pressure level is stable. This simple habit of consuming the fruits every day indeed will give you great benefits. Its flavonoids (anthocyanin) inside the fruits becomes the reason why it can be lowering blood pressure. Here people can consume them with yogurt. The combination of those two foods is very good for the health.

Moreover, are you curious how this fruit can be the beat for high blood pressure? In this case, the antioxidant of the fruit will prevent free radical damage. This is very important because by doing it, blueberries can boost the heart health. It means that your blood circulation will have any problem like the stiffness of the arteries. Then hypertension is going to be solved well with this fruit. With all of the explanation before thus that is very nice when now blueberries should be on the list of your daily diet. By consuming them, there is nothing to worry about high blood pressure anymore, isn’t it?

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