Do Black People Get Lice Easily?

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healthy recipes and beauty tipsDo black people get lice? This question actually becomes the common question asked by many people. Talking about lice itself, they will life on the scalp and hair. These creatures feed on blood and it causes serious itching as well. Then those who are commonly infected by lice are white and caucasian children. African children have the tendency as well to be infected by lice however it is less rather than both caucasian and white children. That is why the answer to the question before is yes they do. Nonetheless, African children will not get lice easily. Why? Here are the answers you can read.

Do Black People Get Lice Easier?

Talking more about lice and the question of do black people get lice easier, one thing that you must know is about how African cannot get lice easier. In this case, there are some reasons which you have to understand. To begin with, it is a new thing that African people are identic with their curly hair. Actually, curly hair will not be liked by lice because it is hard for lice. That is why African children will not be infected by lice easily. The shape of the hair is different too. If white and caucasian has round hair but African has oval one. Of course, it gives influence for lice.

After that about the next thing which causes African people will not get lice easily is its habit of combing the hair. Since combing curly hair is hard they use certain oil in order that to make them easier in combing the hair. This oil which causes lice is uncomfortable on their hair so they do not like life on African children’s head. Although there are certain children who are infected by lice, the percentage will not be as high as white and caucasian children. Thus, now you have known the answer of do black people get lice, haven’t you?

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