Be Friend with Sugar

admin   April 7, 2017   Comments Off on Be Friend with Sugar

Health lifeSince many times before, people knew there are some different nutritious values that can be found in different raw materials. They work together to support the body health. Besides that, it is needed to support the body function. One function that needed to support health is carbohydrate. In a simple structure, it can be found in sugar. Sugar is used to sweeten various food and drink. Basically, people need this component to help the taste better. Besides that, sugar is still needed as the source of energy. Without sugar, people can feel weak easily.

Several problems can be caused when people consume sugar in huge amounts. They become an addict and cannot be separated from this material. The indicator as people need to limit the consumption of sugar is when the sugar blood reaches a high level. This condition is known as diabetes. Unfortunately, various bad side effects can be caused because of the high level in sugar blood. When it makes the blood around brain get stuck, it is noted as stroke. While the stuck happens around the heart, people might suffer a heart attack.

Especially for adults who get the lower metabolic rate, they need to be wise in sugar consumption. Change the sugar taken with artificial sweetener is strongly needed. Why? It is because it does not break into blood vessels. But, even though the sugar has potential bad side effects, people still need this material as a mood booster. It can make people happy as for the brain only can consume this glucose as the source of meals for the brain. Do not take sugar can cause them upset and weak. Due to this case, people cannot eliminate the consumption of sugar in their daily life. Be wise and careful when they consume food is needed to make them keep healthy every day.

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