Apple iPhone 6S Specs

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Apple iPhone 6sIt is not a new thing anymore that Apple actually one of the biggest manufacturer for the gadget in the world. It is proven by its various gadgets having been created and Apple iPhone 6S has become the most popular one in 2016. The sale of this product itself is so great since its attractive offers from the product. In this case, it relates so much with the specs of the product. Talking more about the specification here, actually, there are some important thing in which all people have to know. What are they? To get complete information, here is the explanation you can read.

Specs in Apple iPhone 6S

In Apple iPhone 6S, its specs are very good because the gadget itself is supported by with a high technology. The body of this gadget itself is about 143g with dimension 138.3 × 67.1 × 7.1mm. The weight here is not too heavy and the dimension also will help the users in using the gadget. Then its operating system uses iOS 9 in which it will be upgraded to iOS 10. After that, the screen size is about 4.7 inch with resolution 750 × 1334.

Moreover, supported by CPU Apple A9, the performance of this iPhone series indeed is very good so that all users can find the best performance from this gadget. Talking about RAM, it has 2GB in which you will not find the phone is lagging easily. For its internal storage, there are 16, 32, 64 to 128 GB. The users are able to choose the most wanted one. About the battery, this Do Iphones Get Viruses has 1715 mAh. Meanwhile, the camera is 12 MP for the rear and 5 MP for the front. With those cameras, of course, you can take the best picture whenever and wherever you are.

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