Android Game Download: Angry Birds Rio

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Dodo HackThis game is developed by famous game developer which is Rovio. Angry birds Rio is adapted from the newest movie of cartoon movies named Rio. This is an upgraded version of angry birds older version. In this version, there are some new characters that there aren’t show in angry birds old version. Angry birds Rio is version that has the most android game download so far than the other version.

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As the adaptor of the movies, the new characters are also adapted from the movie. There are pink colored bird and two blue colored bird. The pink one if you tap the body after you launched from the catapult the pink bird could make bubbles that could lift up anything around those bubbles. And the two blue birds after you are launched both of them via catapult you can tap the bird and they will be flying faster and stronger in one direction. So you need to match your direction first before tapping the head of the blue birds. The music background also has feelings of the Rio. It’s a freestyle of music blended with the Rio music which is known as reggae. The scenery also adapted from the movie of Rio, there are many scenes in beach and in this version the birds could swim. Otherwise, some stage happens in down of the sea.

Overall this game is always being the favorite one to spend your spare time with. If you are in waiting for someone to meet you can play this game so that you will not get bored. Or if you are exhausted after work you can laying on your bed and playing this game can refreshen up your mood. But sometimes there are some stages that difficult to completed such as a sea stage, but you do not have to worry because there are game cheats to skip that difficult stage.

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