2019 Dodge Charger Price Range

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Dodge ChargerThe newest Dodge Charger is still the 2015 model, and it is actually already great car. Its performance and physical impression are satisfying, and many reviews give positive feedbacks towards this car. Two years from now, there will be an upgraded version of the current Dodge Charger. 2019 Dodge Charger will come in late 2018 or early 2019 bringing some fresh features and performance that normal drivers will be surprised. There is a good reason why the new Charger will make you surprised. First of all, it starts losing its super classical impression because it is altered to something more futuristic.

2019 Dodge Charger Price

With the new version coming, you should not expect the Charger with its boxy hoods. Everything is changed with something more dramatic, roundish, and lengthy. The emphasis is now distributed evenly from front to back, unlike the previous models in which the emphasis was on the hood. Additionally, the short height of the car also brings 2019 Dodge Charger to a brand new level. In terms of quality of performance, you should expect improvement regardless of reduction of its engine raw power. The horsepower is reduced slightly because the basic engine is changed into V6 instead of V8. However, regardless of that fact, the car is supposed to run fast on roads due to its weight being reduced.

For those who are looking for a brand new car with the brand new mechanism, you should consider purchasing this car in the future. Indeed, it still takes a long time to go there. However, the future is certain that 2019 Dodge Charger will bring something good for the drivers. If you are familiar with Dodge Charger, the price range for 2019 Charger will be slightly different because of various factors such as tech development, inflation, and many other things. Expect as low as $35,000 to $70,000 for this car with its different trims.

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